About Us

Altis Cardinal is a Miami-based real estate firm tracing its roots back to 2009. The company boasts a wealth of experience in the development and opportunistic acquisition of real estate across asset classes, throughout the state of Florida and beyond. Our multidimensional company structure allows us to efficiently direct our efforts towards the most rewarding available opportunities. Our current focus is on the multi-family asset market.

Altis Cardinal’s experience covers every aspect of the real estate field. It includes the capacities of an investment firm, real estate brokerage, a general contractor, legal expert, and property manager, which all contribute to and have made possible its experience –measured in billions of dollars—in real estate acquisition and development. Each deal we make further builds on our ability to design and execute these expert projects. Importantly, this experience has taught Altis Cardinal’s principals’ how to recognize and seize the economic moment. In the early 2000s, when home ownership and property investment were rising fast, our principals built luxury condominiums and office parks on a grand scale. When debt crisis struck the nation, Altis Cardinal opportunistically acquired and repositioned assets, thus contributing to several neighborhoods’ positive turnarounds.

Today, Altis Cardinal sees opportunities to develop new multi-family assets and acquire distressed multi-family properties. We monitor metropolitan markets to spot significant opportunities to build new communities and to invest in existing communities with unrealized potential. In this period of economic uncertainty, we aim to provide stability in our investments. Altis Cardinal’s history proves its ability to beat the market through intelligent investments, and we will continue doing so in the coming years.