Case Studies

Altis Cardinal’s wide range of experience reflects our firm’s ability to tailor our strategy to the market situation. Our principals’ experience across the development industry – acquiring and repositioning projects, building and improving real properties, identifying and structuring investment deals – gives Altis Cardinal the expertise to recognize opportunity and focus our strategy accordingly. Whether the economic moment is set to reward new asset construction, existing asset acquisition and repositioning or improvement through best management practices, Altis Cardinal stands prepared to capitalize.

Multi-Family Acquisitions

High potential properties in thriving markets are not always operated to their full potential. Altis Cardinal identifies these underperforming assets as acquisition opportunities. Our tried and true industry knowledge allows us to recognize where to add value to existing properties for optimal returns at reasonable investment levels.

Multi-Family Development

Altis Cardinal knows how to build and identify markets with growth potential. Staying in tune with the economics of real estate demand and building on years of construction know-how, we are ready to seize development opportunities. Our developments stand testament to our ability to construct superior asset to meet market demand.

Commercial Acquisitions

Altis Cardinal’s experience prepares it for opportunistic acquisition and repositioning of commercial assets. Our experience includes the acquisition and development of commercial assets from retail centers to office parks. Our commercial portfolio is emblematic of our capacity to adapt and react to opportunity.